While Russell has changed Vermont’s landscape with new buildings for over 8 decades, renovation and restoration projects have played an equally important role in the company’s success.

A renovation project is defined as the process by which a structure in a state of disrepair, or a damaged or outdated building is improved or repurposed.  Renovations are often performed to modify buildings to change or make better use of space, integrate modern technology, or to bring old buildings up to new code and energy use requirements through MEP retrofits and ADA upgrades.  Other renovations projects require us to protect a building’s historic significance through meticulous restoration and/or to perform the work while the building or a portion of it remains occupied and operational.

Russell Construction Services is known throughout Vermont for the expertise of our management and craft labor team to successfully perform all kinds of renovations or restorations.  Whether you need a contractor that can expertly restore your historic building’s fragile façade, or to renovate apartments in an existing and occupied apartment building, or to repair your building after a fire, flood or wind storm, you can count on Russell to bring your existing building to your intended functionality.

One area that Russell Construction Services truly excels at is performing renovation work while the building remains occupied.  We will work with owners to ensure that construction activities have the least impact on the occupants and daily operations, and will adjust our schedule, phasing and safety procedures accordingly.  We also have extensive experience with renovations that must be performed under tight time constraints, such as renovations to schools and universities which must be completed during vacation breaks before students return to class.

Seeing that our company is over 80 years old, we have renovated buildings in recent history that the company once built new many years ago.

Our Experience:

  • Interior demolition and renovation/remodeling to change the use or functionality of the space
  • MEP retrofits for increased energy efficiency and new building code adherence
  • Façade Restoration or Preservation
  • Additions and Connectors
  • ADA upgrades
  • Structural Support
  • Integration of modern technology
  • Multi-phase rebuilds
  • Historical restoration
  • Expert Damage Consultation
  • Repairs to buildings damaged by Fire, Flood or Wind Storms