Pre-Construction Services

As a vision moves from an idea to a  project, our team will offer expert advice for many questions that must be answered to understand expectations and costs.

We offer a full range of pre-construction services including preliminary estimating and budgeting to help guide you through the process. Nobody can accurately estimate the cost of new construction or a building renovation without the expertise of professionals that understand all elements of construction that are not immediately evident to the building owner at the idea stage.

Construction Management

With Russell Construction Services as your experienced and trustworthy  Construction Manager, this construction approach can be one of the most cost effective.  It provides the framework for all involved to work together as a team.  The success of the common goal (or the project) leads to all parties coming out of the project successfully.  This method also enables us to take a look at the documents early on and to implement changes during the design, when any changes or fixes are resolved much quicker and cheaper than after the completion of construction documents.

Design/Build Construction

We have seen a significant increase in the popularity of the design/build option in recent years as many clients realize the advantage of having us responsible for designing, managing and building. This is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to manage a construction project.

There is an appreciable increase in efficiencies with having one firm providing both design and build services, as all communication and coordination occurs within our own team rather than across multpile organizations.

General Construction

We have over 8 decades of experience building General Construction projects. Ask Russell Construction Services for a fixed price or add us to your list of bidders, and you can rest assured that you will receive a great price reflecting the best value for your project.

We are builders of general construction projects including:

  • New Construction
  • Renovations
  • Historic Renovations and Restorations
  • Additions
  • Rebuilding from fire or water damage