Russell – Your Trusted Partner in Facilities Maintenance

Off-site and Regional Facilities Managers trust and appreciate our dependability, performance and efficiency when they need something done right and done now. They call on us routinely to assess situations in their properties without them having to make the trip to each individual site.

As always, trust and reliability are trademarks of Russell Construction Services. Our facilities maintenance division delivers the same quality work we’ve been providing for over 80 years, but on a smaller scale that works well for small organizations. When you need expertise for occasional repairs, installations or renovations without the complications, trust Russell to provide qualified, pre-vetted tradesmen to perform small or large repair and maintenance projects.

Local Outsourcing of Facilities Maintenance:

Expert Service Saves You Time and Money

Many organizations have the occasional need for reliable building maintenance on an as-needed basis but do not have continuous need for employing a full or part time person. Russell provides skilled craftsmen to augment your facilities maintenance needs with knowledgeable people – when and where you need them.

Taking Care of Facilities

While You Take Care of Business

Some of our clients that depend on Russell include companies that are based out-of-state and have the occasional need for reliable facilities services without the need for shopping and vetting carpenters, plumbers or electricians to find reliable tradespeople. We employ fully vetted, quality tradesmen and technicians to address your facilities management needs.

Turnkey Repairs & Maintenance Services

Serving the entire State of Vermont, we help manage routine maintenance of mechanical systems, schedule and perform seasonal maintenance and perform occasional repairs as needed such as:

  • Window replacement
  • Door replacement
  • Boiler and furnace replacement
  • Siding repairs and replacement
  • Remodeling projects including the addition or removal of walls, doors and windows
  • Stairs
  • Drywall work
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Coordination of vendors

Your Trusted Partner

Russell Construction Services steps in where and when you need help. We can augment your staff with special skills you don’t have in-house.

  • Expert Assessments
  • Routine Maintenance Plan Development for major systems like roofing and HVAC

Developing customized plans to augment your building maintenance plan and unplanned situations based on the specific needs of your organization and property.

Vetting vendors to ensure reliability and quality is a process we value. We’ll have qualified tradesmen on site for you when and where you need them most so you can rest assured your facilites maintenance is being supervised and is in good hands.