Ladabouche Furniture Demolition Makes Way for New Tire Shop

Town Fair Tire Coming to Former Ladabouche Furniture Site

Russell Construction began demolition of the old Ladabouche Furniture in July to make way for a new construction project in Rutland. A new tire store will soon stand in the footprint of the former furniture showroom.

As excavators tugged away at the steel, cement block and wood structure and the last of the supports were removed, Ladabouche Furniture completely disappeared into the cellar hole below ground level.

The new facility, one of several new construction projects in Rutland, is being built by Russell. Conveniently, our headquarters are located just steps away on the adjacent Trolley Station property alongside Southside Steakhouse and the new Indoor Golf Facility.

The new Indoor Golf center is located in the recently vacated Aubuchon Hardware building. It is rapidly being transformed into a family fun center with indoor golf and other activities for families.[divider]

John Russell III expressed his approval, as he was happy to see the old furniture store building going away.

“It really had no historic value,” said Russell. “It was not much more of an eyesore since it has been vacant for so many years.”

Russell Construction Services performs demolition and builds new construction projects, along with renovations and restorations throughout Vermont and all of the Northeast.


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